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Atlanta Sailfest 2024

Event Planning

A Spring 2024 event highlighting
Sailing on Lake Lanier in Georgia.

This site is for the purposes of planning and participating as a volunteer in the Atlanta Sailfest-2024 Event.

Only registered group members are provided with a role and permissions to access this site’s resources.

  • As a prerequisite to becoming a Sailfest volunteer you must first become a member of the
    “Atlanta Sailfest 2024” Facebook Group.

  • To volunteer,

    • Submit the "Sign Up" form and you will be notified that you have been approved as a new member to access this site

    • Membership approval may take sometime for a monitor to verify your Facebook profile​​.

  • ​Personal information such as email address and phone number will only be accessible to administrators of this site.

  • Requesting to be a member to an event planning Group will be provided after a Group leader makes contact with you

  • Note:  This is a DRAFT (Free) version of this website with "Wix" Ads.  

    • A paid version with a new "Domain Name" will remove these Ads.

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